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Welcome to the ultimate FAQ haven for all your lock-and-key quandaries in Alexandria, VA, brought to you by the one and only Landmark Locksmith - where we turn your lock mishaps into minor hiccups on the road to secure living. Got questions? We've got answers, served up with the same charm and expertise you've come to expect from your favorite local locksmith.

Hours of Operation

Q: What are your hours? Do you offer 24/7 emergency services?
A: At Landmark Locksmith, we understand that lock emergencies wait for no one. That's why we're on call 24/7, ready to swoop in for those midnight mishaps or midday lockouts. Yes, round-the-clock service is our jam.


Q: How much does it cost to hire a locksmith in Alexandria, VA?
A: Our prices are as friendly as our service. They vary depending on what you need, the time of day, and how complex the job is. But don't worry, we're upfront about costs - no surprises here.

Services Offered

Q: What services do you offer?
A: If it's lock-related, we do it. Car lockouts, rekeying, lock repair, key duplication, security system installations - you name it, Landmark Locksmith is on it. We're like the Swiss Army knife of locksmith services.


Q: Do I need to schedule an appointment, or do you offer same-day service?
A: We pride ourselves on flexibility. While scheduling in advance is always welcome, we understand life doesn't always plan ahead. Same-day service? Absolutely. Just give us a call.

Car Lockouts

Q: I'm locked out of my car. Can you help?
A: Absolutely! Car lockouts are our bread and butter. We'll have you back in your ride faster than you can say "oops."


Q: I lost my house keys. Can you rekey my locks?
A: Losing keys is a bummer, but we've got you covered. Rekeying is a great solution, and we can definitely help with that.

Lock Repair

Q: My lock is broken. Do you repair, or should I replace it?
A: It depends on the lock. We can assess the situation and offer the best solution - repair if possible, or replacement if that's the smarter move.

Improving Home Security

Q: Can you help me improve the security of my home?
A: Security is our middle name. Well, not really, but it could be! We offer consultations to upgrade your home security to your comfort level.

Finding a Reputable Locksmith

Q: How do I find a reputable locksmith in Alexandria, VA?
A: Start with us, Landmark Locksmith! But seriously, checking online reviews and asking for recommendations are good practices. We're proud of our reputation and our slew of happy customers.

Emergency Services

Q: What if I need a locksmith after hours?
A: No sweat. Our 24/7 emergency services mean we're here for you, day or night. Just give Landmark Locksmith a call.

Choosing the Right Lock

Q: What type of lock should I get for my front door?
A: That's a great question for our security consultation. We'll match you with the best lock for your needs and budget.

Deadbolts and Rekeying for New Moves

Q: Should I get the locks rekeyed in my new apartment?
A: Absolutely. It's a quick, cost-effective way to ensure your new place is secure and all keys are accounted for.

Preventing Lockouts

Q: Any tips on how to prevent lockouts?
A: Keeping a spare key with a trusted friend or neighbor is a classic move. Also, smart locks are worth considering for keyless entry.

Payments and Discounts

Q: Do you accept credit cards? Offer discounts?
A: Yes and yes! We accept various payment methods, including credit cards. And we offer discounts for seniors, veterans, and more. Just ask!

After Hours and Specializations

Q: I need a locksmith for my business after hours. Can you help?
A: Indeed, we can. Landmark Locksmith caters to commercial clients with the same zeal and 24/7 availability. Your business security is in good hands.

There you have it - the lowdown on locksmithing in Alexandria, VA, courtesy of Landmark Locksmith. Whether it's ensuring you're never left out in the cold (or heat) or beefing up your security, we're here with the solutions and the smiles. Because at the end of the day, it's not just about locks and keys; it's about peace of mind. And that's what we deliver, each and every time. Got more questions? Reach out. We're just a, phone call away!

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