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Commercial Locksmith Services

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Owning a company and offering professional services does not mean that you can overlook basic security. As the owner of a business, you must protect client information and offer security solutions to help keep your employees safe. At Alexandria Locksmiths, we understand that you have specific concerns associated with the security of your business. That is why we offer convenient and reliable locksmith services to help with security in a commercial building.

Basic Services

Locksmiths offer a variety of services that help professionals and business owners. The basic locksmith services that we offer to our clients include:

Basic services also include emergency services when unexpected problems occur at inconvenient times. We offer 24 hour emergency services with a reliable, professional and experienced locksmith, so that you can handle problems immediately after they occur.

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Extensive Security for Businesses

Along with the basic services we offer as a licensed, insured and bonded professional provider, our team also offers extensive security solutions for commercial buildings and businesses. We can help install CCTV intercom and access control systems. We also set up security phones and put in high security locks. When necessary, we update or repair high security locking systems. Our team also has the tools to set up an emergency opening or lock-down system to prevent any problems in a commercial building.

Commercial businesses have specific goals for security, which is why we offer extensive commercial services to handle most problems. Whether a business needs a lock repaired or plans to put in a new system, our team has the experience and tools to help with the process. For more details about commercial locksmith services, contact us today.

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